G60 Stage 3 Rebuild


Availability: 4 in stock

Availability: 4 in stock

Dubforce Tuning’s Stage 3 Rebuild incorporates all the work for a standard rebuild but with the air channels to the intermediate shaft opened out, the internal casting marks smoothed and the outlet ported. On a standard supercharger this channel in blocked at both ends. The opening of this channel provides air to the shaft and it’s bearings which are sealed units and therefor not cooled by the oil flowing through the supercharger. Smoothing the casting marks and porting of the outlet helps to improve internal airflow and minimise pumping losses.

The overhaul will reinstate boost pressure lost through apex seal wear along with our twin coating will enhance boost levels across the entire rev range, but most noticeable at lower rpm.

Various exterior coatings avaiable, including gloss silver, black and wrinkle finish. Custom colours and finishes are also catered for.

The standard overhaul includes the following:

  • Replace all bearings using F.A.G. and Torrington components
  • Replace oil seals using our own Viton™ seals
  • Replace apex strips (we only use beige strips to ensure the life of your charger)
  • Port intermediate shaft channels
  • Smooth internal casting marks
  • Port outlet
  • Timing belt replaced with wider, Gates™ 120XL item
  • PTFE grease applied
  • Charger casing re-furbished in your choice of colour and finish

We offer a 3 month warranty on G40 & G60 supercharger servicing through the post, or 6 months if we fit to the car.
(Warranty subject to advised condition).

Insured return postage can be arranged for £25.


Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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