Supercharger Oil Return – G60


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Out of stock

The G-Lader’s oil return line is an important part to keep the charger in top health, this line should be changed at least every 4 years to make sure the chargers bearings are in top condition.

Our lower oil pipe has a length of 180mm. According to the VW repair guide the length from the lower pipe should be reduced to 165mm.

The supercharger oil feed line is now obsolete from VW but Dubforce Tuning have secured a supply from the OE manufacturer, Cohline. We are still able to bring the OEM part brand new to you

This isn’t an aftermarket part or poorly made copy that may damage your supercharger

Replacing the VW Part Number:
037 145 777


Kit Includes:
Oil Return Line
1 Genuine Banjo Bolts
2 Genuine Washers



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