VW Digifiz Conversion Guide


Availability: 76 in stock

Availability: 76 in stock

We at Dubforce Tuning are big fans of the VW Digifiz, we also know how troublesome the conversion can be and we want to help.

We’ve compiled a complete guide to convert your MK2 Golf, Scirocco or Rallye Golf from standard clocks to the VW Digifiz.

This guide includes instructions on making your own loom and connectors which are increasingly hard to find. The guide also contains complete wiring conversion tables for the Digifiz, so if you plan on cutting and joining to your existing loom this will make your life easy.

Using this guide and with no prior Digifiz knowledge, you should have everything installed within a day, whether you have a pre-made loom or not.

Any problems, we are only a phone call away and always happy to help.

All files are provided as a digital download.


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