Wiring Loom Conversion



Engine conversion wiring looms, pre-built, plug and play.

MK2 20v Turbo, MK2 VR6, MK1 G60, anything you can make, we can build a loom for.

You send us your existing engine wiring loom and the wiring loom for the engine you are installing and we will return a fully converted, plug and play, wiring loom for you to install.

We will unwrap both looms and test all wiring, connections and terminals before splicing the 2 together. We can remove any unnecessary connectors at the same time, please just make us aware.

We can also perform the following additional services:

  • Fully label the loom using heat shrink labels
  • Replace all connector housings and terminals
  • Engine loom restoration

We offer this service on a ‘per loom’ basis.
CE1 Engine loom is the D connector
CE2 Engine loom is F, G1 and G2 connectors.
CE1 Lighting and ancillary loom is C connector
CE2 Lighting and ancillary loom are A1, A2, B, C connectors.


Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm