Wiring Loom Refurbishment



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Old wiring can be a real headache. Bad connections, corroded wiring, broken terminals, loose connectors etc can plague an old car leading to all sorts of problems.

Our Wiring Loom Refurbishment service is the answer!

At Dubforce Tuning we take your existing loom, unwrap it and test every wire, connection and terminal replacing anything we deem necessary. We then re-wrap your loom in chemical resistant nylon tape to ensure a durable, long lasting and good looking loom.

We can also perform the following additional services:

  • Fully label the loom using heat shrink labels
  • Replace all connector housings and terminals
  • Convert looms for different fuseboxes (e.g. engine conversion)

We offer this service on a ‘per loom’ basis.
CE1 Engine loom is the D connector
CE2 Engine loom is F, G1 and G2 connectors.
CE1 Lighting and ancillary loom is C connector
CE2 Lighting and ancillary loom are A1, A2, B, C connectors.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm